Zeus Pilates

Workout 1- "Beginning Pilates"

Welcome to the first video in the Zeus Pilates course.  I will be introducing you to pilates here with a beginners class. 


Workout 2 of the Zeus Pilates beginner class. In this workout we will make a steady progression on the previous exercises.

Workout 2 

Workout 3


On to workout 3 and again a little progression on the previous workouts exercises and some new exercises in he mix

Onto Workout 4 of the pilates course and we will be amping up the difficulty of the exercises a little


Workout 4


Workout 5


Workout 5 and you should be ready to move onto a few more advanced movements and exercises of the piltaes beginners course 

The final workout of the zeus pilates course. By this stage you're hopefully feeling benefits of these workouts  as we finish up the course

Workout 6

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